2024 International Conference on Smart Healthcare and Wearable Intelligent Devices (SHWID 2024)
Call For Papers
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

•AI Diagnostics & Assisted Diagnosis

•AI Medical Imaging and biomedical imaging

•Medical Robot

•Assistive robotics, Exoskeletons and AI

•Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics

•Robots for orthopedic surgery

•Neuromuscular interfaces and Brain-computer interfaces

•AI Virtual Assistant

•Medical Internet of Things

•Intelligent Sensing and Healthcare Monitoring

•Telemedicine and AI Medicine

•Intelligent Health Management

•Intelligent Medical Waste Management

•Disease Risk Prediction

•Healthcare Applications of Data Fusion Technology

•Wearable Intelligent Health Testing Devices

•Human-Computer Interaction Technology

•Soft robotics, Flexible Electronic Technology and Flexible Wearable Medical Devices